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Disclosure Statement From The Producer

The premise of this prolific piece is in keeping with the Producer's mission to tell stories that: engage, inspire, uplift & heal.

Mississippi The Musical is a startlingly transparent societal examination and honest portrayal of a difficult, tragic & confrontational time in American history embroiled in the burgeoning Civil Rights Movement. 


Consequently, some of the themes addressed during the play are understandably extremely sensitive, heartbreaking, & disturbing. 


The plot will include:  profanity, racist discrimination and inflammatory language, offensive dialogue, sexual themes involving abuse, incest, rape, molestation, biased statements regarding mental illness, sexual preference, & violent criminal acts.  

The playwright's intent is to capture the mood, behaviors, thought processes & motives of a time long ago, not to celebrate them.  


For this reason, the performances are recommended for audiences aged 17 & over.  

We request for everyone that attends, to try to view the performance with an open mind.


As Mississippi The Musical continues its journey, the hope is that attendees will take the opportunity to complete the feedback form distributed with the program as candidly as possible.  


Our hope is that each assessment of the performance will enable the playwright and production team to continue its pursuit in portraying this story with integrity and truth.

In the spirit of creative expression & freedom of speech, we thank you.




Noreen Crayton

Producing Artistic Director & Founder

Angelic Star Records Entertainment Unlimited


             to engage, inspire, uplift & heal​

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